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Tips for NRIs to Retire Rich

NRIs live a healthy and growing life overseas but some still wish to stay rooted in their homeland. This means when planning for retirement, ask yourself a question at what age do I want to retire?’ or ‘what city do I vision myself spending the rest of my life?


How to ensure the security of NRI property in India?

Despite what everybody says about the legal system, property in India is never actually safe. People, especially NRIs tend to live in constant fear stressing over their property in India and whether or not it is safe. They always are in fear about their property falling prey to illegal possession


How to manage your property amid travel restrictions?

Nourishing or sustaining a rental business is a trusted method that is one landlord’s top priority, especially nowadays. Since the coronavirus outbreak and the new travel restrictions imposed across the globe, it is quite challenging to secure new tenants or keeping up with the current ones. Ma


NRIs Guide to Selling Property in India

Every person invests in real estate for a few reasons. Despite having a place of comfort and safety, it is considered an investment. It offers an amazing comfort of benefits of returns in the way of secondary income source. Being a type of assent, selling this once you hit maturity is quite drivi


NRI Mortgage Loan in India

NRI (Non-Resident Indian), who wish to buy a property or have their home renovated might not always have the money ready. Well, there is no need to worry! There are home loans available that help them attain the required financial assistance. However, it is important for one to meet certain crite


Guide to Buy A Property In India

The motherland is a place where everyone wishes to be, in many cases, NRIs try many ways to stay connected to their roots. But in other cases, people sell their ancestral property and all possessions just to settle down abroad, which is not exactly fair. Anyway, one

Investment Tips

How Can NRIs Save Tax in Selling Property in India

It is a complex and daunting task to take care of a residential property, especially when you live abroad. NRIs often find it challenging to manage a house having to stay in a foreign land for many years- this leads them to sell their property in India. While taking care of this decision seems li

Investment Tips

Benefits of NRI Property Management Services

Purchasing or owning a property has always been a lucrative investment. You must know that just like that muscle car of yours; they also require constant attention and care. As a property owner, one has to go through many hassles and complexities, from plumbing issues, cracked roof, leakage in th


A Few Tips to Consider Before Leaving Your Property in India

Real estate is an important and attractive investment, especially if you are an NRI (non-resident Indians). You have shifted to a new beautiful country with an amazing views, culture, opportunities, and a scenic place where many come to settle and lead a lavish lifes


Is NRI Home Loan in India considerable?

All those NRIs who are wising to purchase a property in India preferably using a home loan, you must know that yes! One should. You need to be aware of tax policies and foreign exchange regulations. However, it

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