How to ensure the security of NRI property in India?

Despite what everybody says about the legal system, property in India is never actually safe. People, especially NRIs tend to live in constant fear stressing over their property in India and whether or not it is safe. They always are in fear about their property falling prey to illegal possession, encroachment, and many other issues. Since the property value tends to shot up quickly, this realm has flown into a full-fledged industry and has become extremely competitive, dense, and is prone to violations. NRI has to go through many challenges being away from their properties and being unable to go back and forth properly leaving the property unguarded. We may often deny it but back in our heads we know that everybody wants a piece of it and leaving the property in the hands of a good friend or even a family relative is not safe. Staying as a guard cum tenant, and over time they stay there taking over the property forgetting completely that they are not the king.

Well, you now must be thinking ‘how do we secure our property in India?’… After a long undisputed time, tenants simply refuse to vacate and involve themselves in a legal conflict. Laws in some areas, in fact, are not as favorable for the NRIs as they might seem. It is difficult and really awkward to get back your encroached property from the vultures. Well, you can but you would have to hire the best advocate to get the NRI property dispute case. You must understand that possession is truer than the claim and this old saying in India says a lot. Now considering this view, you must understand that hiring a strategic and skilled advocate who will help an NRI is not as easy as it seems.

As you all might already know, NRIs face a lot of challenges and harassment when trying to get their property back, therefore, it is beneficial to protect it from any kind of issue. It could be an encroacher or even a thug; they can take your property against you by forging some documents.

What to do to protect the property in India?

To keep your property safe against anything illegal or encroacher, it is important to keep all the documents safe and handy to prove your right. A copy of the will, documents proving your original purchase agreement, electricity bills, telephone bills, water bills, and whatnot can help you claim the right to your property. If it is inherited from the family or came from an ancestor- you should have all documents handy to get your property protected against any bad deed. You can hire NRI property management services as having an expert on board will brush off the burden and stress off of your mind about your property. They, being experts, have years of experience, and take care of everything from maintenance, general upkeep, protection against trespassing, or anything illegal.

You should have fences all around the property to make sure that there will be no trespassing or that nobody can breach the area. Also, you can try setting up CCTV cameras, you can keep an eye on the premise without any hassle and in case of anything illegal or break-in, you can make a call to the security. In case you are handing over the power of attorney to a relative or even a friend, you should ensure that it is a specific kind of attorney and not the normal one with general policies. Also, you should keep a tenancy agreement, well-drafted and always handy. Besides that, the agreement should always have the amount of rent settled and keep a yearly increase in the rent. Before getting a tenant, you must have them go through a proper verification process and check all the tenants to protect the interest of your home in the future. It is extremely important for you to publish a notification in the local newsletter or newspaper in case you inherited the property for future reference.

You can consider all that we discussed above in order to keep your property safe from goons or anything illegal. This might seem funny or unrealistic at first but seeing a vacant property, goons or thugs tend to get a hold over it for their greed leaving you with a lifetime of struggle. If you are not coming back any soon nor do you wish to try the tenancy option for the home, then what do we do then?

Well, no need to worry much! We at Connecting NRIs offer the finest NRI property management servicesOur team of experts once was an NRI, understands all the stress and struggle one has to deal with being away from the motherland and the property that they left behind. Stay connected to your roots with assistance from Connecting NRIs.

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